Children with epilepsy need better mental health support

Epilepsy is not a mental health condition, yet children with epilepsy like Bella are four times more likely to develop mental health problems than other young people.

On top of their epilepsy, children face many additional challenges that take their toll on their mental wellbeing. Despite this, only 15% of paediatric epilepsy clinics offer mental health services. 

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Every child with epilepsy should have mental health support as part of their care. Let’s call on UK healthcare leaders to make this a reality. Sign the petition now.

Bella's story

Bella was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of five. Frequent seizures meant she was often in hospital and isolated from her family, friends, and regular daily life. She struggled with her emotional health, often feeling hopeless and angry.

Bella missed so much time at school because of seizures, surgery and a lack of understanding about epilepsy. She felt isolated, despondent and angry and just wanted to be able to do the same things as other children, like playing round friends’ houses.

Thankfully Bella was able to benefit from a clinical trial providing mental health screening and care for children with epilepsy. This helped identify the best way for Bella to be supported.

The mental health support Bella received made a massive difference and restored her confidence. She met other children with epilepsy experiencing similar issues and now knows she’s not alone.

The therapist suggested strategies for us to use at home which not only helped Bella but also the whole family. I can't imagine what life would be like if we didn't get this support.

It gave Bella the confidence to tell us when something wasn’t right. Even though she can still feel angry, she’s now able to talk about her feelings so they don’t overwhelm her.

Bella now has a more positive outlook and knows that she is going to have the life she wants.

Bella's mum

Your support matters

Together we can make sure all children with epilepsy have access to the same kind of support that helped Bella so much.

There’s more to epilepsy than seizures.

Let’s get on top of it.


Learn more about the link between epilepsy and mental health.


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