Every child with epilepsy deserves to be safe and included at school

Children left feeling lonely, isolated and rejected. Unnecessarily excluded from opportunities at school and struggling to keep up with their classmates.

Shockingly, 1 in 3 children with epilepsy like Ruben, are left without the crucial support they need at school.

"I had to leave the school that I loved. It hurt me. I just wasn't treated as fairly as the other students". Ruben, 11 years old 

Enough is enough! It's time for action. Together, let's demand change. Every child deserves an equal chance to succeed. Understand their epilepsy and help them reach their potential.

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Children with epilepsy are being blocked from things they are capable of doing and are missing out on their childhood. Let down by a lack of understanding about epilepsy and how it can be different for everyone.  

Seizures missed or mistaken for not paying attention. School staff unaware of what to do when a seizure happens. Children unnecessarily excluded from learning, sports and trips. 

Tell UK governments that they must ensure schools have an Individual Healthcare Plan (IHP) in place for every child with epilepsy.

Let's make it happen. Sign the petition now. 

IHPs are a lifeline. They help school staff understand each child’s epilepsy, ensure their safety, and pave the way for full inclusion in every school activity.

Understanding someone with epilepsy means understanding their seizure type, their triggers, their medication side-effects, the impact on their learning. Understand their epilepsy and support them to be safe and included at school.

Ruben's story

"I was disappointed that I had to leave school. I had to leave all my friends behind. Had to leave the whole school, which I loved, and it hurt me.

I left because my teachers just didn't get my epilepsy. I have absence seizures which means I will lose my train of thought. I stare blankly for about 10 seconds, maybe five, depends.

Some of my teachers would think that I was just daydreaming. I would get detentions and sanctions and stuff, and I'd miss out on play time. I just wasn't treated as fairly as the other students.

People don’t understand that epilepsy can be different for everyone. Children like me aren’t getting the support we need in school. Understand my epilepsy and support me to be safe and included, so that I can reach my potential". 

Ruben, 11 years old  


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